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Horseshoe was adopted!



Yeller was adopted!


Dahlia was adopted!



Rip was adopted!



Angel was adopted!

Hi Ginny,

We just wanted to thank you so much for Angel who we have re-named Annie (for Orphan Annie) She has just made herself right at home. The evening we arrived home with her we were all sitting watching TV and Annie just decided to jump up onto give my husband's lap and give him the biggest kiss as if to say "thanks so much for taking me home!" She's a delight! Attached are some pictures of Annie and her new surroundings and of Maxie our stray from last year who, despite the pictures is accepting Annie very nicely!
We love her!




Eva was adopted!

Update August 2007:

Eva (now Diva!) has it made in her forever home. We're hoping Bob and Judy adopt us, too!!


















Onyx was adopted!






Update June 2008:

Good Morning Jill! We had to write today because it has been 1 year since we brought Onyx home! It seems so hard to believe that time has gone by that fast! We read that you broke ground on the new kennels, how exciting!! We would love to bring our little guy by for a visit sometime this summer! He is absolutely an official member of our family and we can't imagine life without him. He has captured all of our hearts in spite of his troublesome behaviors!! On Thursday he and my daughter will celebrate their birthdays together, they are "twins" for sure. Thank you so much for bringing this loving little guy into our lives!
Peggy, Logan, & Delaney



Update December 2007:

Hi Jill, Merry Christmas! As you can see all the excitement of the holiday season has worn our "little man" out! We are all looking forward to our first Christmas with Onyx. He has lots of presents to unwrap. Thankfully he only had to make our good list and not Santa's! We hope you and Ginny have a Happy, Healthy New Year!
Peggy, Logan, Delaney & Onyx too!

Update October 2007:

Hi Jill, Happy Halloween!

Just thought we would send you the latest picture of our beloved vampire! Unfortunately the costume still suits him! He even nips now just to try and get your attention, especially the kids! He is absolutely ornery, each and every day. I think he has finally gotten used to us being away during the day but watch out when we get home! He is still the absolute love of our lives, faults and all!

He just loves to cuddle and every morning when the alarm goes off he hops up on the bed for his belly rub!

Keep up all the great work!

Peggy, Logan and Delaney, Onyx too!

Update August 2007:

Good Morning!

Onyx is doing fine, still not making too much progress on the strangers visiting but I still hope for the best! He still continues to find ways to surprise us all the time. I think he likes to keep us guessing, because just when we think we have him figured out  he finds something new to do. Yesterday we went to the beach for the day and all of us were so sad to leave him for so long but we had someone come and check on him and let him out a couple of times throughout the day. When we arrived back home I was shocked and pleased to find no accidents or messes. Just a very happy dog! Once again he tricked us! I'm not sure if it was because he had slept most of the day and wasn't tired or if he wanted to punish us for leaving him all day but last night while we slept he chewed a hole in my sofa cushion! I couldn't believe my eyes this morning!! Thankfully it was on the corner and I was able to stitch it closed without it looking too bad. Today we plan to spend a lot of time with him and hopefully tonight will be back to "normal", whatever that is these days! Just the other day I told Logan you know I'm not sure why because he has cost me a lot of money, patience, time and lots of destroyed belongings but I can't imagine our lives without him! There is just something about that sweet little face that just makes it all worthwhile! He must have been pondering this because the next morning he got up and said you know Mommy I can't either! Here is the latest Onyx candid, be sure and check it out!

Update July 2007:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know the latest! Onyx has decided we needed some excitement in our lives so it is up to him to surprise us with his behavior each and every day! We are still attempting to work through the territory aggression. We haven't made too much progress but are still trying out new things! We did find that shaking a few pebbles in a can really gets his attention since my "authoritative voice " wasn't doing the trick! I did find out that we were allowing him a few privileges that we shouldn't since they would make him think he is top dog, so we are currently undoing those mistakes! Hopefully that will help him realize his place in our home and help with the aggression! We are still working daily with his commands, he is following them very well at home but still needs some work on neighborhood walks! He has really become a full time job but I know in the end it is going to all pay off. He is still very adorable and we couldn't love him more! Oh I almost forgot ...the other day we returned home to the biggest mess I have ever seen (having 2 kids kids that was pretty bad). I wish I had gotten the camera and taken pictures so everyone could have seen! We opened the door and I think the 3 of us were in shock there wasn't a spot in my kitchen that didn't have paper, trash bags, water, etc! Well needless to say that was a first for him and hopefully the last?! Like I said he likes to surprise us daily! He has never done anything like that in our absence, I am not quite sure what happened that day? Thankfully upon cleaning it all up we found out is wasn't as bad as it looked. He had just chewed up a box that contained all of the trash bags so they were all over and he pulled down a calendar from our refrigerator and proceeded to chew it up. That had knocked over his water and it was all over so we had soggy papers! Today when we left for church he was confined to a smaller area in the kitchen which provided no access to the refrigerator! We will see how this new arrangement works? I'll keep you posted! By the way did you ever contact Coda's owners? Just curious!

Update July 2007:

Ginny & Jill,

Well Onyx has graduated from his obedience training. We picked him up on Friday. He has been doing very well obeying all of his commands, until yesterday! We had a friend visit the house and he was back to barking and growling. Onyx's trainer is going to make a house call on Thursday to see if we can help him over this problem! We will keep you posted on his progress. Wish us luck!!

Other than that we couldn't love him more. Which oddly enough,may be the problem, Rob (the trainer) seems to think he is just being over protective. I hope many more of Onyx's pals have now been adopted! We did see Angel had gotten a home. YEAH! Keep up the great work!

Peggy, Logan & Delaney Shertz... ONYX TOO!





Sully was adopted!



Lacey was adopted!

Update July, 2007

Hi Ginny,
I just wanted to let you know that Lacey will be on the 12 o'clock news tomorrow, Thursday July 12.
She has adjusted quite well to her new home. She is doing great with potty training and learning new commands.

Lacey loves going for walks around the city. She seems to draw a crowd wherever we go. I know she enjoys every minute of the attention. Lacey is not one to be shy and I think that is how she found a spot on the news with Dr. Hammond.

Thank you for helping us find such a wonderful dog!

Corinne and Matt

Update July 2007

Lacey is getting SO big!



Cupid was adopted!



Sasha was adopted!



Kenzie was adopted!



Roscoe was adopted!



Levi was adopted!



Faith was adopted!



Pepper was adopted!


Wanted to send you an update on Pepper.  We got her from you in August...and she's been the best addition to our family.  We lost our first dog, Maddy, to cancer in April.  And, we all felt like something was missing without another dog.  Pepper came into our home and immediately fit right in. 

She LOVES to ride in the car!!  In fact, she went on a 12 hour road trip to North Carolina over Thanksgiving.  She just slept in the back with our girls and loved to look out the windows. 

As you can see from the pictures...she WONDERFUL with the girls.  She and Elizabeth have a special bond...and Pepper likes to sleep on her bed in her room.  Abby thinks she is the greatest...and loves to sit and ride on her back.  Pepper loves their attention and is VERY gentle with them.  It's great because both girls have grown up with a LOVE for animals.  In fact, I keep trying to get David to adopt another dog from you...but since I seem to like the 50+ pound variety...he hasn't been all for it yet :-)...

Thank you so much for thinking of us when Pepper came to you.  She's truly warmed our hearts and brought much love to our family!

Kim, David, Elizabeth and Abby Watson       



Duke was adopted!



Henry was adopted!



Latte was adopted!



Kaoko was adopted!



Baby Girl was adopted!



Molly was adopted!


Coda was adopted!

Update August 2007:

We want to let you know that Coda, now named Sam, is doing great.  He is so sweet, an absolute doll. He's is so playful and gets along with Roxy (aka Bones) wonderfully. He's perfectly happy to let her be the boss, following her like he's her shadow. Their wrestling matches are the only entertainment we need. They are so funny.
He's still in the chewing phase, but fortunately, he only goes for little things like Barbie shoes and napkins. He gives kisses constantly and we love him so much!

Thank you for all that you do and for helping us find our wonderful, wonderful dogs.
Erin and Mara Dewey (and parents!)




Onyx was adopted!



Casey was adopted!

Update June 2010:

Thought you would like to see these.  Melvin is on the left in both,  he is wonderful handful and Ronee' Lynn is a beautiful gift. 


Silky and Girl were adopted!

Hello to everyone!

We have had the girls for just over a month and I wanted to write you and let you know how they are doing. They have now been to the vet and have even had their first trip to the groomers. I think it was the first weekend they were with us they even went to a car show with us. They walked around so well behaved and let people pet them. The shepherd lovers swooned over them and we also got to see the shepherd reputation make some people very nervous and still when the girls would want to sniff them. It was pretty funny because we knew what lovers they are.

They are the smiles in our day. They are always so excited to see us come home and they shower us with hugs and kisses. They are definitely bed dogs though. They could sleep all day if we let them I think.

Girl has been excellent with the golden puppy here. She has somewhat adopted little Petey. Silky tolerates him and will even clean him when he needs a little extra attention.

The unconditional love they have shown Rob and me has been overwhelming. Silky took a bit to come out of her shell but now she loves to curl up and snuggle as well as play out in the yard with us. They stole people's hearts at the houseconcert here earlier in the month where they were treated to delicious beef brisket throughout the day not only from us, but from other concert-goers as well. They are truly enjoying the loved and spoiled life now. We got them a great bed for the back of the Bronco and they love going for rides back there. They relax a little and sniff a little and give us kisses in between. My only wish now is that I had a job that was pet-friendly so I could take them to work with me everyday.

They are truly amazing dogs, continuously surprising us with their love and athletic abilities and smarts. We are so happy they are now part of our family.

Thank you for our babies
Pauline and Rob

Update May 2008:

The girls are doing great! We love them so much they own us. We moved into a house with about 1acre and the girls have the front yard fenced in to run.
They don't mind the chickens but the goats are another story. We also have a cat and they all get along GREAT. So if that wasn't enough we took in one more dog, a Bassett Hound, and after a couple days they all hang out together on the bed we bought because Rob and I wouldn't fit with the girls.
You should see it now!!! Thanks again for the happiness that you have brought us.

Thanks again,

Pauline & Rob



Teddy was adopted!



Smokey was adopted!

Smokey is such a sweetheart!After all we have been through, we are so thankful to have him in our lives, he is such a welcome addition to our family.

He has made himself at home and loves to go for walks and fetch in the back yard.

I have included photos. Many thanks again! Will keep you posted.

Our best,
Nicole, Steve, Megan and Sarah

Update August 2007:

Hi Ginny!
Just wanted to say hi and tell you again what and angel our Smokey is...he's SUCH  a good boy...really, he is loving his huge yard, fetching balls and a walk in the quiet of the morning with me....oh, and he just absolutlely LOVES rawhide bones...what a has been almost 5 months and we just can't imagine life without him....!!!!
Thanks again for our loving baby boy!

Nicole Frank and family

Update April 2010:

It has been a long time.  Some not so good news...we lost Smokey to cancer about a month ago. We are so heartbroken.  He was truly the most wonderful, sweet, loving dog in the world!  We did everything we could, surgery and tons of love. We had 3 wonderful years with him!  Huge thank you to you all and what you do.   In loving memory of our dear, sweet, great black lab, Smokey....he will truly be missed.  If you happen to come across another special dear lab like him, please let me know.

Nicole, Steve, Megan and Sarah




Gypsy was adopted!



Cash was adopted!


Midget was adopted!

Midget was adopted! Cherie lost her beloved Jake 7 weeks ago and just wasn't sure if she was ready for a new friend. We were talking about PFL and mentioned Midge. Cherie went on our site that night, and loved her pic--- before she even realized that was the dog we had told her about. She came the next day to see her and decided to give her a try. By that evening, Cherie knew she was the one- and her one scaredy cat agreed, coming to sleep on Cherie's lap next to Midge.

Here are some pics- poor girl was tired her first night home! What a big day for her--thank you for giving her the loving home she deserves!!!!

Update June 2007:

Hey, it was great to see you today.. !... my chance to bubble on about LULU for a while.. she's really eveything you guys said about her... plus.. MORE :) .. i love that she follows me about and want to be with me...looking to me all the time.. ... really becoming the companion i hoped for.. and i know it just will get stronger as time goes by... i'm sooo soo so lucky. ..and she makes me happy..

in fact.. we're on the couch right now.. she has her head on me.. on her back with all 4 legs in the air.. ( such a lady ) :)))

here's some pics i took yesterday. :) ..




Sally was adopted!


Harley was adopted!

Just wanted to update you on our lives with Harley.  We started our obedience class tonight.  She needs some work on focusing on the task at hand, but then, so do I.  There are only 4 dogs in the class, which gives us a more 1:1  time with the trainer. The trainer said that the tail chasing behavior might have been there even before the excessive crating.  He said he's known of Shepherd females who have had that problem.  One lady in the class is a herbalist, and gave me suggestions on more natural remedys for her anxiety. 

Had our first vet visit on Thursday.  She had an infection in her right eye.  I guess from chasing the tennis ball into our dusty leaf piles. Vet also took out her stitches, and kept telling me how much she liked her.  She showed me how much the dog has bonded to me, by showing how she responds to me, compared to how she responded to the vet or the asst. 

Harley really did seem to take comfort in my holding her while the vet was doing what she needed to do.  She is still chasing her tail, and will roll up into a ball in the yard and she seems to suck on her flank. 

I got another collar from Foster & Smith, but she can get around that, so the plastic collar seems to be the only one that works.  We also try to re-direct her by distracting her with toys.  She loves the toys, and will spend hours retrieving if you let her. 

The rabbit thing didn't go well the first time, so I'm waiting till I have more control before trying again. She loves the grandkids, and behaved well with them. We are now working on coming when called, as she sometime has her own agenda. She didn't want to come when it was time to leave for the obedience class, so this is something else we have to work on. 

Hope you and your family are well, (4 legged & 2 legged)  Hope your spring holiday is lovely!




Bogey was adopted!



Samantha was adopted!



Lady was adopted!

Becca was adopted!

Hi Ginny. Just a note to let you know that "Becca" now known as Monti is a wonderful, sweet, loving addition to our family. She is already responding to her new name and surroundings. We can hardly believe we've only had her almost 2 weeks. It seems like she's been ours since she was a puppy.

She is exceptionally well mannered and listens to all basic commands. She tolerates our 9 month old poking and climbing around on her. She is so gentle which is exactly what we were looking for. She is coming back next week for her f/u w/your vet. We certainly hope all goes well with that.

We truly can't thank you enough for saving Monti and allowing us the opportunity to Love her. We feel that she was the perfect choice. I am ordering some products like the PFL car magnet as well as sweatshirt and hat for advertising.

We are telling everyone where she came from and highly recommend your organization. We will email pictures at a later date and also a f/u on her vet check. Thanks again.

The Shepherd Family  P.S. I see what you mean about her smile. She smiles all the time.



Anna was adopted!



Dar was adopted!



Patterson was adopted!



Kingsley was adopted!



Kaoko was adopted!



Dozer was adopted!



Strumpit was adopted!


Chloe and Bizzy

Chloe was adopted!

Dear Ginny,
Chloe is well and seems very happy here. We couldn't be happier to have her and had no idea her presence would add so much to our lives. She and Bizzy bonded immediately and her quiet loving response to Bizzy seems to have soothed Bizzy's sometimes desperate need to possess something, anything. Plus,Bizz finally has a friend who understands how to play with a rottweiler.

Chloe also managed to bond with Julep who was at first jealous and grumpy towards her. Now they kiss each other on the nose when they greet. She's sweet to the two cats, respectful of the goats, understands horses and finds chickens pretty interesting(??).

She greets us with enthusiastic wiggly body language and has her own quiet ways of letting us know we're part of her family. She still has meltdowns of varying intensity; sometimes she needs a puppy biscuit to recover and other times we just need to leave her alone to regain her composure in privacy.

During these times she is never aggressive, which I find pretty amazing. Once she's recovered she quietly approaches us and touches us with her nose or just stands nearby.

She's a pretty special dog and I already love her as much as I love the rest of our creatures. I don't really understand the dynamics of her success here on our farm, but it's wonderful for all of us and we couldn't be more appreciative of you for finding her for us.

Thank you, and best to you and all your paws,


Lady was adopted!

Hi Ginny, just wanted to let you know Lady is doing fine. She settled into our home pretty quickly, loves her downstairs bed in the family room and her upstairs bed in our bedroom but mostly is happiest being next to us.

We have to watch where we step because she's always right there. She even "smiles" when we greet her. She had no problem with the dogfood Dora eats (Wysong) and has been great on walks as well.

The only problem we're having is that she chages at our two cats who are quite timid (both had rough histories) so we will have to work on that.

Thank you so much for bringing her to us. Will keep you updated.




Twinkle was adopted!



Gizmo was adopted!



Charlie was adopted!


Becca was adopted!



Angel was adopted!

Update January 2007:
Hi Ginny...Angel is doing VERY well.  Our first day was a bit crazy. She was scared and took off when I opened the car door.  She ran away and would not come back.  I followed her and finally had to get my Jeep to track her down through the fields, but I lost track of her.  When I pulled into my driveway, there she was!  Then, she was off again.  This went on for almost 4 hours until I lured her into the garage with some ribs. 

Well, she has really settled in here.  The first two days she had her tail tucked under and was a bit cautious.  She didn't want to go upstairs and was content just hanging around in the kitchen.  She now greets me when I get home, tail wagging constantly, and has full run of the house. 

I have really enjoyed our first week together and I know that she has too.  She is so well behaved and is incredible.  What a great dog!  She is really happy and content here. Thanks for checking in on us.  I will get some photos soon.  --Michael

Update April 2007:

Hi Ginny...Angel is doing quite well.  She has such an awesome disposition and absoltely loves it here.  She loves to play with her toys and has all of her favorite spots of the house picked out.  She has gotten off of the leash a few times to chase some rabbits but she has always come right back immediately, so I guess she knows that she has it good here.  She is also very smart.  I can't believe how quickly she learns commands, phrases, etc...  I wish I could make the walk but I am away that weekend.  Thanks for checking in on Angel!  She loves her new home and I love having her here. 


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