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Irene was adopted!

Update May 2015:

Hi Ginny-
Just wanted to update you on Penny (fka Irene). She is now officially 8+ weeks post-heartworms and her vet said she recovered beautifully and she's now cleared for easing into exercise and play. Hooray!

Penny loves being outside, and she walks really well on her leash. She has learned so much in 2 months - using stairs, going potty on leash - she is a really smart girl! Her favorite hobbies include: sleeping, sniffing, relaxing, eating, and napping. LOL And she is as gentle as could be towards the cats.

Soon we will begin Obedience Training and we hope this will instill more confidence in her. We still have some adjusting to do, but we love this sweet, gentle dog so much and we are so glad she found Paws For Life so that we could add her to our family! Thank you!!!







Sarge was adopted!

Update July 2015:

Hello all.

Just wanted to send you all an update on Sarge, all good news! 

Within a week of bringing him home, we got his diarrhea stabilized, then eradicated, thanks to the medicine Dawn sent us, change in diet and lots of love. After experimentation, we found his best diet to be a morning and evening meal, each one pound of blended: 

  • cooked quinoa
  • cooked sweet potato
  • raw ground organic pasture fed beef 
  • whole ground raw rabbit (the skin and guts are removed, the bones and organs are ground along with the meat).
  • he also gets human 42ppm probiotic in breakfast, and a cup of plain greek yogurt at lunch

He has gained almost 11 pounds since February and is healthy and happy!

He has fit beautifully into our family and is quite the character! He is excellent with our boys and the constant flow of neighborhood kids in and out of our house. He gets along with our grumpy, smelly old cat and all dogs he meets, whether on walks or at the dog park. He can be very vocal when his needs aren’t being met (love, love and more love along with rope toy play!) by moaning and grumbling, he’s very funny. He loves to romp and play as much as cuddle with his people.  He has taken charge of home protection and is great with letting strangers know of his presence, it takes a bit longer for him to relax when strangers come into our house than our past dogs, but once he knows we’re ok with someone, he wants to be their best friend.

We’re are thrilled that this wonderful boy is part of our family and wanted to let you know. I am especially glad of my husband’s persistence in asking me to “just go take a look at him”. He’s worth the extra dietary care and expense!

I had spoken to his original owner, Stacy, shortly after we adopted him so am copying her on this email. We are so grateful for the excellent training Stacy and her family did with him and that they were able to make a tough decision for their family that ultimately led to such joy for our family.

Best, Louise







Savannah was adopted!

Update August 2015:

We adopted savannah (now Annie) in January 2015. This dog is such a character and has spent so much joy into our lives. Her favorite pastimes are cuddling, running around outside, and laying by the pond watching the frogs and geese. She even has started some agility training and was a super star in her first class! The trainer said she'd never seen a dog so brave or had a dog tackle every object on day one! Thanks paws for life!







Zatch was adopted!







Monk was adopted!







Butch was adopted!







Butter was adopted!

Update June 2015:

Just wanted to give you an update on Butter (Now Bella). She is the most perfect fit for our family. She is truly a children's dog and has taken to my son as a new best friend. She is incredibly well behaved and obviously was well trained. We just love her to death and it seems impossible that she only joined our family in February.







Zoey was adopted!








Snoopy was adopted!

Update April 2015:

Success is an understatement! Although 83 acres may not be enough to hold Snoopy, he has never met a stranger, everyone is greeted with immense enthusiasm and is left smiling and shaking their head! Can't imagine a time when he is not a welcomed addition to the team. He seems to know who needs him the most and gravitates to them, sits when asked and gladly follows. The rest of us; well good luck past a flash of black and white! Have to love his zest for life and his constant reminder that life is short so live it in the highest gear you have.  Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives. We are forever grateful.







Clover was adopted!

Update February 2015:








Ginny was adopted!







Montana was adopted!

Update February 2015:


WONDERFUL! That is all we can say about Montana after his first full day home. He is getting used to his surroundings and loves the fact that this is his forever home. He keeps waiting by the door as if to say : "Well, when are you returning me to where I've been." We assure him this is where he belongs and the he gives us all the love he has. He slept well through his first night and had no problem sleeping in the crate. He is a wonderful addition to the family and we look forward to years of enjoyment with him in our lives. We will be sending pictures when the weather warms up of him romping around his big back yard.

Thank you for saving him,







Porter was adopted!

Update April 2015:

Here are some pictures and a video of Porter! He’s so happy!:)







Bo was adopted!







Shadow was adopted!







Charlie was adopted!







Pippi was adopted!

Update January 2015:

I wanted to give you an update for our first full day together. Last night, pippi slept on the rug on Dick's side of the bed, Duke on my side. Not a peep from either one! She's a doll and her brother has been as good as we expected. They curl up on the sofa together, wait politely for treats and's incredible. She went out with all of us in the pasture, looked at the horses and sheep and went on with her exploring. No issues with the animals. We let her explore off the leash but kept her close because I'm not sure about her 'come' ability. She may have been trained to a whistle? But I use verbal with everyone, so we'll work on that. I expect it will be easy. She knows sit and down. Someone has spent time with her. Her house manners are perfect(we allow them on the sofa and I know that's not quite the thing but it's how we live, so...).
She was fixated on a reflection on the wall so on a chance we tried a laser light.......she went through the roof! Obviously, somebody introduced her to that before! Loves it, but Duke just looks confused and doesn't even know what she's after. Poor Dukie!

I won't bore you forever, but it should be obvious that we love her!







Riley was adopted!

Update January 2015:

Thank you for the opportunity to meet Cowboy and Riley yesterday.  I wanted to let you know Riley (now Augustus) made it home safe and sound yesterday evening.  He has a new dog bed (although he still prefers the comforter we used in the car).  He stays at my son’s side most of the time.  He LOVES attention.  He fit in so well last night.   We took him and my other dog for a walk and it was perfect.  He already knows so much.  I think he is the perfect fit for my son, and will be easily trained as a therapy dog.  Thank you so much!

Update March 2015:

It is now over a month and a half since we have adopted Riley (now Augustus) and he is Loving his new home. He now sleeps with two blankets laid out with a bed on top of them, next to my own bed. He is starting his emotional support dog training tonight. Ever since we adopted Augy has been getting all the attention in the world (which still isn't enough for him) and in return has been loving us. His adoption has been nothing but filled with love on both ends and we are so lucky to have each other.







Snowball was adopted!







Mini was adopted!

January 2015:








Tessa was adopted!







Ace was adopted!







Peanut was adopted!







Trakr was adopted!

Update January 2015:

We would like to update you on Trackers progress.   He has been a great addition to our family.  Since Day one he has been such a good boy.   He listens incredibly well.   He is very loving and always wants to be petted.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.   The guys at the shop his new daddy works at Wooden Wheels request that he come in so they can play.   I don’t know who enjoys it more Tracker or them.   We hope anyone looking for a dog adopts from a rescue.   These dogs are certainly very appreciative of the new life and love they have been given.  
Thank You.   We will continue to let you know how our boy is doing. 







Velvet was adopted!







Otis was adopted!







Maskit was adopted!







Banjo was adopted!







Finn was adopted!

Update December 2014:

This dog is a gem!!
We renamed Finn to Nico (in honor of St. Nicolas for holiday season). He is doing great.  Nico has an awesome temperament - friendly but not demanding, obedient and just so lovable. He can be playful with Lorenzo or settle at my side when I'm working.
He is so smart - has learned to sit and is very quickly learning to walk without pulling. The cats are checking him out from a few feet away and he seems fine with them so far. 




Remington was adopted!







Hozier was adopted!

Update December 2014:

How are you doing?  I'm good.  So far so good with Hozier.  I did change his name to Taz.  He is my favorite character on Bugs Bunny.  LOL!
He is doing great!!  I was preparing for a bull in a China shop, but (knock wood) not yet.  He must have had some training before.  He sits, gives paws and lays down.  I've walked him 4 times already and he doesn't pull on the leash at all.  When he feels a little tension, he backs off and he comes back to me.  No issues at all with my other dog.  He slept in my room last night and I didn't hear a peep out of him all night.  My 14 year
old daughter loves him and he is going to be spoiled rotten here.  He is so personable!! Just wanted to give you a little update.  Thanks for letting me adopt him!  I think he is going to be very happy here!! 

Update January 2015:

He is so loyal!!  He listens to me like I've had him for 10 years.  I can let him out without a leash already.  My yard is fenced, but when he gets to far, I call him and he comes running back.  He does think he is a lap dog, but that's fine with me.  I love animals.  

Just wanted to give you an update on how he's doing.  Thanks again so much for letting me adopt him!!  He is a very happy dog and I'm a happy owner!!



Paris was adopted!







Alfie was adopted!







Pretty was adopted!

Update January 2015:

Hi Ginny,

Happy New Year to you... and to us with Belle now in our home! She has settled in beautifully in the three weeks that we have had her. (Attached is a photo from her first day with us.) She is a sweetheart, and has been great with all of the various people who have been in and out of the house over the holidays -- including a family gathering of 20+ people.

She loves to be outside in this cold weather, and rolls around in the frost in the early mornings. I'm looking forward to the first snow (which may come tomorrow morning) to see how she reacts.

She really enjoys a walk on the White Clay Creek trails -- and with that husky mix in her, she loves to break into a run! She may help me lose some weight :-)

Thanks for all of the work that you do -- and thanks for rescuing Belle so that we could rescue her :-)







Richie was adopted!





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