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Dewey was adopted!

Update July 2015:

    Hi, Ginny:  I wanted to give you an update on Mollie (your Dewey) who I adopted on Good Friday. She wasn't with you very long but she'll be with me forever - she's adorable and a very sweet gal!  She plays constantly with my Mini wire Doxie and they are best of pals and my older Jack Russell even tolerates her! Hopefully, she's as glad to be with us as we are to have her!
Keep up your good work and thank you for a real treasure! 
P.S.  Her DNA test came back as Mini Doxie & Mini Schnauzer!







Ned was adopted!







Sandy was adopted!







Little Bear was adopted!

Update April 2015:

Hello Ginny,

I just wanted to send a follow up email your way.  First, please thank Eric for us for meeting us and his help yesterday.  The minute we walked up to Bear, my family and I fell in love!! We are so very grateful that we have been able to welcome him into the Townsend family.  His first day went great from our car ride home to shopping for toys and food, a walk around the neighborhood, and getting nice and comfy in his new home! I have attached some picutres of Bear relaxing late in the evening with us and him giving lots of love to our 2 boys.  He is such a sweet boy and we cannot wait to create many long lasting memories with him.







Libby was adopted!







Cowboy was adopted!







Remington was adopted!







Gigi was adopted!







Sasha was adopted!







Sam was adopted!

Update October 2015:

Hi Ginny,

I just wanted to give you an update on Franklin and Sam. Both are doing well and have learned to tolerate each other. Sam is definitely the alpha in the relationship and doesn't hesitate to let Franklin know when he has had enough. Needless to say, Franklin doesn't always get it. Wendy was amazing in getting us through the rough patch! 

We've since moved to Warwick, MD and have a lot of land now. Sam sits at the door and tries to scratch his way out. He hasn't quite accepted that he is an indoor cat. In due time, I suppose. 

Franklin is still Franklin, a high-energy goofball. He loves doing agility with K9 Camp Training in the field next to the Middletown Vet! They can't get over how excited he gets to run the course.

I hope all is well,







Betsy was adopted!







Skipper was adopted!







Nila was adopted!







Diamond was adopted!







Noah was adopted!







Goliath was adopted!

Update March 2015:

The first night with Goliath went well. He explored the house and didn't knock anything over :) He and Phoebe are doing well. She put him in his place a few times. They lay together now too! Goliath does have a new name, Gunnar. He is responding to his new name and doing well. I have taken him on some walks already. He doesn't lead, he stays right by my side and doesn't pull. 

Today we took Gunnar to the dog park. He played with my Mother-in-Laws Golden Retriever, Brody. Gunnar also played with a Yellow Lab. Gunnar had some energy expelled! :) If there is any negative to say it would be that he is fascinated by our guinea pigs. Not sure if he wants to play with them or eat them! Lol! 

I just wanted to let you know how the first night and day went. We are very happy with him and love him. Thank you again. We appreciate you introducing him to us! Thank you also for what you do for these dogs and cats. We always tell our friends and others, Don't buy. Adopt. 







Asia was adopted!







Dakota was adopted!







Joni was adopted!

Update March 2015:

Hi Ginny!

We've decided on the name Mo; short for all of her Momentum. She's adjusting really well. We have a little bit of house breaking to work on but I think it's just a matter of learning a routine. She's been playing and running in the snow with Charlotte and napping hard. Thank you again for all of your help!







Shadow was adopted!

Update March 2015:

Thank you for recommending Shadow for us.  She fits right in.  I brought her home and she immediately went next to my husband and cuddled up to him.  She is such a good dog.  I took her to the Vet and she has ear infections is both ears.  Since she has started treatment she doesn’t frantically  scratch at her ears any more.  Other than that she is in good health and only about 2 lbs. overweight.  I notice she does beg quite vigorously when we are eating so I think that is why she is a little overweight.  That’s one habit of hers that we need to break.  Thank you again.  Shadow has found a loving home.







Colton was adopted!







Gavin was adopted!







Angel was adopted!







Beaux was adopted!

Update March 2015:






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