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Nancy was adopted!

Update June 2015:

Rowan is a VERY smart little girl.  She seems to be completely house-trained, and is familiar with a leash.  I'm trying keep her quiet and calm until the sutures come out, but she wants to play.  She twirls when she's happy, and wags every time I look at her.  She presented her belly for rubs today, so trust is growing quite rapidly.  Her only negative so far is that she occasionally grabs my hand or finger in her mouth when playing.

I'm discouraging this:  "No bite" in my normal voice is sufficient; she withdraws her mouth immediately.  Rowan's very sensitive, and really wants to please.  She's learning "sit" and "stay", and we're working on "come"; there are so many new things to investigate!  She already knew "out", for when we tour the back yard.  She goes into her crate on her own - I leave the door open - for an occasional nap, and spends the night there without any fuss, the crate door still open.  She has a new, soft Kong teddy bear, and really  enjoys chomping on it.  No ball-chasing, though, until the sutures are gone!  I love her dearly already, and it seems to be mutual.  My house feels like home again.

Update July 2015:

I'm delighted to report that Rowan, formerly Nancy, has adapted beautifully to life with me.  She is a very happy little doggie; she spins like a top when excited!  We go on leashed walks at least twice a day, and my throwing arm is getting a good workout, as she loves chasing her pink tennis ball.  She zooms around the back yard (fenced) faster than any greyhound, and my house is now a repository for dog toys.  Rowan is certainly a keeper, and I love her dearly.







Haley was adopted!

Update August 2015:

 Dear Ginny,
    We adopted Haley in May.  She is a sweetheart.
We couldn't have a more delightful pet.  She enjoys
running in our half acre backyard, and we also take her
to the huge local dog park not far from our house once
a day.  She gets along well with the other dogs and also likes to walk with us around the quarter mile fenced perimeter of the park.  Great exercise for all three of us!  Haley is in excellent health, and we look forward to many happy years with her.  Many thanks for letting us adopt Haley.  








Red was adopted!

Update June 2015:

Red is adjusting!  We are going to keep the name you gave him--sure fits!
Maybe BIG Red!

He could give a hoot about the cats--and that black/white one in the pictures, NEVER gives way to ANY dog!








Cody was adopted!

Update June 2015:

Here's just an update of Cody's first month with us. A lot of time at the beach, hiking, boating, and playing with other dogs and having a great time. Thank you for everything you have done to help these dogs and introduce us to Cody.

Update November 2015:

Hi, just wanted to check in with Cody's first 6 months with us. He has been to the beach, to bonfires, on hikes, on the boat, tracking deer, and to waterman festivals. He has two best friends, Tank and Bailey.
He is spoiled rotten! He loves his hedgehog toy and sleeping all afternoon. We want to thank you so much for giving us Cody! He has been the perfect addition to our family!







Cheyenne was adopted!

Update June 2015:

 Ginny - Scout's   transition into her new pack is going great. She is a very well behaved puppy, hasn't chewed anything up yet with the exception of one of her toys.She greets strangers with a wagging tail and a lick. Her encounter with the neighbor's Corgis, who are overly friendly, was the only aggression we've seen and I'm not sure if you can truly call it aggressive, maybe a doggie "Hi", So far, they're the only dogs or animals  that she has seen. She enjoys her walks and makes use of her nose. She happily spends most of her time in the company of someone and when tired, she retreats to her crate with a toy. Bedtime is no problem and goes into her crate without any fuss and is quiet during the night but does snore. She loves to chase and retrieve tennis balls and keeping her yard squirrel free. Whoever lost this dog lost a nice animal, she is the sweetest thing this side of the moon. We'll keep you updated.







Polly was adopted!







Buddy was adopted!







Toby was adopted!







Cali was adopted!







Kipton was adopted!







Sierra was adopted!







Colton was adopted!







Peeta was adopted!

Update June 2015:

Just wanted to touch base and give everyone an update on Pita (Peta). We took her to have her stiches out and she got a clean bill of health!

Pita has really taken a liking to our other dog Gail (also a paws for life rescue!). They enjoy their walks each day and play time in the evenings running around and playing tug of war and then the girls sleep together at night on their beds. We missed the 5K a few weeks ago but last weekend we took a walk at Elk Neck state park to turkey point. Everyone slept good that night!







Anna was adopted!







Roxy was adopted!







Charlie was adopted!







Jackson was adopted!







Dumpling was adopted!

Update May 2015:

Just wanted to share this picture and let you know that Dumpling, now named Athena,  has settled in great and we love her!!







Dapper was adopted!







Zeva was adopted!

Update May 2015:

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know Zena... is doing extremely well. You said she was an easy dog, but we didn't expect this. Her and Mowgli exchanged a few gentle growls the first day or two. But they've been getting along great ever since. She's perfectly house trained. She's very happy. We are very happy. We could not have found a better dog. Thank you so much.







Marge was adopted!







Reece was adopted!







Duke was adopted!







Chase was adopted!





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