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Kelly was adopted!







Roxy was adopted!

Update August 2015:

Hi Ginny! Roxy has been with us almost a month and we can't imagine life without her! She is so patient with our son, and is well behaved! She loves going to the dog park to play, our walks around the neighborhood, and of course playing with her toys. Here is a picture of her in what she thinks is her bed.







Curly was adopted!

Update July 2015:

I just want thank you for bringing Curley into our lives! He is great with Princess and Elsa.
They both like him. He follows me wherever I go.
He smiles and listens very well. He like to lay over my couch and sleep on his back. He is adapting very fast to our environment. He likes walks and he seems to like the outdoors like me.  He is so grateful to receive love and attention. He's eating and drinking well. We are thinking of naming him Chance but not quit sure yet meanwhile he is still Curley. He is a keeper! I will send picture and updates. Thank you again. He is in good hands and bringing us lots of joy.







Lewie was adopted!







Sassy was adopted!

Update July 2015:

We’ve enjoyed two weeks now with our new pup & we are settling in together quite nicely. We renamed “Sassy” to Ginger. She had her 1st vet visit a week or so ago & got a few more shots, plus heartworm & flea meds. She also had whipworm, so the 1st treatment is complete & we have the meds for 2 more treatments. Otherwise, she’s in great health.

Ginger has been a joy to be around – I wish I had a fraction of her energy! She is so loving & enthusiastic. The jumping & nipping are still in puppy phase, but we are working on that & know it will pass. Tomorrow we start weekly obedience lessons, which I’m sure she’ll love. It was clear when we met her that she was friendly & affectionate, but we were still pleasantly overwhelmed by her desire to please and be part of a “pack”. I swear she understands English because she’ll do almost anything you ask (except stop jumping & licking J). Ginger gets very excited when you go near her food bowl & jumps up and down like crazy, but already knows that to get the bowl filled, she has to sit. As soon as she sits, I open the plastic food container & she remains sitting but wags her tail so vigorously, that her whole body shakes & scoots backwards. I’ll try to videotape & send to you; its hilarious to watch the mixture of control and excitement. Ginger also sits and lays down on command (for a treat). She is definitely watching every move her new “brother” makes & is learning so quickly!

I’ll follow up with pictures soon. Thanks again & keep up the good work!







Juniper was adopted!







Liberty was adopted!

Update June 2015:

Hi Jill, 

I wanted to give you an update on our girl. 
Wow!  What a weeks difference in her since we adopted Libby last Tuesday. 

For the first few days the little girl was afraid of everything, steps, her reflection and even her food dish. 

Over the weekend she mastered the stairs, now she runs up and down like a pro and she seems to like her reflection as she stares at herself in my curio cabinet and fireplace...LOL  She's gone swimming in my parents pool, I don't think her dip was intentional but she swam like a champ and came out tail wagging and racing all over the yard. 

She's visited family and friends and their animals and is always so well behaved and warms up to everyone quite quickly.  We're trying to socialize her as much as possible. 

We're working on her leash walking and she's gotten so much better, cars still are frightening but we stop and tell her it's okay and give her a quick pet on the head and move on.  House breaking so far as been a cinch...she does like to chew socks and shoe strings.
She's also enjoying her new buddies Radar and Daisy.  We've not heard her bark yet, but I think it will come in due time.  The Mini Monsters do all the barking for her :)

I don't know exactly what Libby's story was, only that she was found as a stray.  I can't imagine someone not searching high and low for her...she is such a joy and a much welcomed addition to our family.

I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of her until I found her on your website.

Update June 2015:

She barked!!  Libby is a collector "things", slippers, socks and toys.  She leaves them all on my bed like gifts...LOL.  We also realized she can jump from all fours straight up about 3 feet. I may have to enroll her in some agility training :) I just love this little girl so much!!  

Update August 2015:

Libby hugging Radar.  She loves snuggling with him.






Cati was adopted!







Captain was adopted!







Elvis was adopted!







Jewels was adopted!







Britain was adopted!







Bailey was adopted!







Bella was adopted!







Bridget was adopted!

Update June 2015:








Angel was adopted!







Skipper was adopted!







Trigger was adopted!







Parker was adopted!







Ginger was adopted!







Stumper was adopted!





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