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We loving hearing about our dogs in new homes!



Kansas was adopted!

Update August 2015:

Hi Ginny! Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know Kansas is doing great! She's a sweet, happy little girl and is adjusting well. She is very smart and is doing well with house training and already sits upon request after just a few times of showing her. She is a mega chewer so we have gone through quite a few chew toys until we found some that withstand her powerful little teeth! I think I've been at Concord Pet every day since we got her, lol! She took to her crate right away and is very content with it, sleeps all night with no fuss. During the day when we are home we just leave the door open and she goes in on her own to take naps. Shoes are her favorite, on or off the feet, so if she gets one she proudly prances into her crate with it. Actually, toes are her favorite too. A painful lesson we learned.
She has been a pleasure in spite of the normal puppy antics. She is not as hyper as she seemed initially and is good about controlling her urge to jump up if we tell her no as long as we bend over to pet her, she is crazy for pets and belly rubs.
She's been great with Ethan, they get along great. She's pretty good with him and he loves her. Throwing and retrieving the ball is "their thing". The older boys love her and she gets lots of walks and play.
Thanks for everything and I'll be sure to keep in touch!







Bailey was adopted!







Jet was adopted!

Update September 2015:

Hi Ms.Ginny this is Kyle we just wanted to update you on Jet.We took him to his first baseball game today. He seems to have adjusted to our house. He likes to bark when people are at the door.He seems faster than a jet,we should have named him torpedo!!!







Billy was adopted!

Update August 2015:

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to adopt Billy, now Parker! He is doing great so far. He is getting along well with the cat, all he wants to do is play with her.  This morning was the first time he was really playful, I can’t wait until he comes out of his shell completely. He’s already a great addition to the family! I will send you updates on him J







Xena was adopted!







Folsom was adopted!







Lark was adopted!







Speedy was adopted!







Kahlua was adopted!







Skylar was adopted!

Update September 2015:

Hi Ginny,
We wanted to give you an update on Skyler-who we've renamed Ally (female yellow lab).  She is loving life in Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania.  She is getting along with other dog Gracie, a chocolate lab and is looking happier and healthier daily.  She enjoys her walks on the trails near our home and has adjusted to walking on a leash on the streets of Pittsburgh.  At first she was fearful of the cars and loud noises, but over the past month she has really started to fully enjoy her walks.  I am so happy we have earned her trust.  She loves playing ball in our yard and tug of war with our other dog.  Ally easily adjusted to the routines of our house and schedules of our family. She is a great dog!  We are so thankful you found her!  She is officially part of the family now.  She has found her forever home!  We will keep you updated on her continued progress.  

Thanks for all you do to rescue these great pups! 







Jackson was adopted!

Update August 2015:

I wanted to let you know that Jackson is doing great! Eric said he might connect with my older dog Savannah, and he did ----they are great pals ---they sleep together every night. Jackson loves going for walks with my other dogs he is so happy being part of the walking pac----I wanted to let you know how much he has become part of our family!  He is such a good dog and has great manners when it comes to respecting the other dogs space and dog bowls!   I am so greatful that he has taken to my Savannah she is 13 and is really slowing down she makes it a point to sleep near him.  She does not do that with my other dogs.    Jackson is a wonderful dog and we are so glad he is a part of our family!








Willie was adopted!

Update August 2015:








Sparkles was adopted!

Update August 2015:








Roxy was adopted!








Sadie was adopted!







Patrick was adopted!







Keisha was adopted!







Frank was adopted!







Tia was adopted!






Wilbur was adopted!

Update July 2015:

Greetings Ginny.

We're thoroughly enjoying Biggie & he seems to be adjusting well.  Yesterday he was exhausted & of course seemed a bit confused but his love of people saw him through a rough day. 

His crate is in the living room & as soon as I put a pad in it & a throw over it he went right in & plopped down.
He didn't seem to want to eat or even take small pieces of treats yesterday but finally ate around 11:30PM after a nap.

He's good with our cat Beez( bigger than him!) although she teased him by running right under his nose so he decided to match her, took a Jack Russell leap in the air, & ran after her only to be foiled by a kitty tower.

We"re walking him on an extension leash which works out well & he's not far behind Roseanna wherever she goes.  She now is more enthused with life in general as she has a new buddy to sniff around with.
He's a loving, fun, quirky little dude & we want him to enjoy a happy, healthy life with us!

Update July 2015:

Beez's nose is out of joint 'cause Biggie usurped her favorite vigil spot by back door. 

Update August 2015:

Thought you might like to see how Biggie lives up to his name---look who's squeezed in the corner!  Roseanna doesn't mind though 'cause she often sleeps with her head under the bed!

I guess Biggie hasn't had much exposure to toys ; I tried small balls and stuffed animals but he's disinterested.  His favorite activity is riding in the car.

Update August 2015:

Hi Ginny & Jill.
Biggie is doing well & wanted to ride shotgun in the UPS truck.  He also discovered hummingbirds at a feeder today and spent at least 10 minutes observing them-- for his upcoming documentary no doubt.

AND last night he had a breakthrough: chased & retrieved a ball ---once.  Then he decided it would be better to hoard it in his crate & showed no interest(yet ) in other balls & toys.   We're all working together & into a routine already which I'm sure makes Biggie feel more secure. 

Update August 2015:

Hi Ladies!
Biggie sends his appreciative regards.
He's doing very well & his fur is growing in shiny & sleek; he definitely thinks he's hot stuff!

Update October 2015:

Hi Ladies!
Just a note to let you know Biggie is doing well & loves this fall weather.




Arnold was adopted!







Buddy was adopted!







Harley was adopted!







Diamond was adopted!

Update August 2015:

I just wanted to give you an update on our Sophie.  Wow, what a sweet girl she is.  She is already so protective of us and especially our grandchildren, she loves the neighbors and everyone we introduce her to.  She has settled right into our family like she’s always been there.  Our other dog Calypso even showed her the ropes at their doggie day care play day last week.  She walks pretty well on a leash but does better with a harness which is hilarious to try and get on her because she is so excited to be going somewhere.  Now getting her so she isn’t afraid of the hard wood floors is another story.  That gets comical sometimes.
Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives, we’re very happy to have her there and I know she is happy to have her forever family.







Lady was adopted!







Jody was adopted!

Update July 2015:

Ginny-Jody(new name coming) has fit into our family seamlessly. She played and explored yesterday and both dogs accepted her. We girls all slept downstairs and, other than a sizable and solid accident in the living room (which I should have anticipated and gotten her out ahead of time), all has been perfect.

Update July 2015:

Ginny-this little pup is just full of love. She is gentle and loving, yet goes 'manic' with Sable out back. All three dogs get along wonderfully, and Jody (now Pogo cause she is so bouncy) has found her forever home.

She is snuggling with Mommy right now. Thanks for making a great match.







Simba was adopted!







OJ was adopted!

Update July 2015:

Hey Ginny, just wanted to give you a little update on Oj (now known as Brantley ). He is doing so well in our home. He gets along so well with mj (our yellow lab). He loves his brother, nd loves playing outside in the yard.He has met all of his new family already and They love him already.  Here are some pictures of him. Thank you so much for helping us find out new baby.






Princess was adopted!







Xena was adopted!








Izzy was adopted!

Update July 2015:

She fits right in! Getting along great with Kale!
Thank you!! :)

Update July 2015:

Izzy on her trip to NJ to meet our family last week!







Muffin was adopted!







Phil was adopted!







Muffy was adopted!

Update July 2015:

Finally got the pictures together!  Muffy goes by Maisy these days.  She is a good and smart dog.  She and Rollie wrestle, tug of war, and chase.  They love the dog park in Milford and usually have the place to themselves in the evenings.  The cats at home are still orienting to the idea.  LOL!





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