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Anna was adopted!

Update November 2007:

I just want to give you a quick update on Anna. She seems very happy in her new home.  She is well trained, house broken and so sweet.  She heels well on the leash.  She gets walked at least 4 times a day.  I the morning it’s a long one 40 minutes. Other times between 10 & 20 minutes.

I am surprised though, that she is not a guard dog.  She has not barked since I brought her home on Saturday.  I have had people ringing the door bell.  My grand daughter came in with some friends while I was sleeping one night and she didn’t make a peep.

My sister said that once Anna realizes that this is her new home she will become more territorial.  I hope so because besides being a companion I was hoping I would feel a little more secure in my home with a German Sheppard.

I have made the appt. at the vet for Saturday the 24th at 9:00 am.

Anna is eating 2 bowls of Ecanuba brand dog food a day.  Some times I mix in the canned food, but she seems to like it plain too.  I think I will have her fattened up in no time.

I am also brushing her daily and her coat is looking much better.  She had a lot of dandruff when I first brought her home.


Update December 2007:


Cant you just see the love in her eyes.  Anna is really coming out more and more every day.  She is such a happy dog and very loyal.  I cant tell you how much comfort she has brought me after the loss of my husband.

Our morning walks are our favorites we go out at first light and take carrots along to feed horses we pass along the way.  She is good for me as she gets me out walking her 3 or 4 times a day which is a good way to fight depression.

 It is so wonderful of you to open your home to rescue dogs.


Update April 2008:

Hi Ginny:

I wanted to let you know I took Anna to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and found she still had the Lymes. The vet said sometimes dogs have to be on antibiotics for 6 months to get rid of the Lymes.

The vet also told me not to give the antibiotics with dairy products.  Dairy products reduce the effectiveness of the antibiotics.  I had been giving Anna her pills in a chunk of cheese.

Attached you will find the latest picture of Anna. 

I saw Kyo the big male sheppard on your website.  Is he still available???  He really is beautiful.







Midnight was adopted!

Update October 2007:

We just love Midnight!!   He is such a special dog.  He is so loyal and loving. 
He sure does love going for rides in our van.  We take him almost everywhere we go. 
He is great with our two kitty cats, Winky and Whiskers, and they are getting used to having this 70 lb. furry guy around. 
We bought him a big dog bed and he sleeps next to my side of the bed each night. 
He loves to take walks around our neighborhood and just met our neighbor's dog, Mac, who is a Golden Lab puppy.  Midnight is great around other dogs.  We have a neighborhood full of dogs, so it's nice to know he can go with the flow and not get upset when he hears other dogs bark.
We are so glad we met you and decided to adopt Midnight. 
He is and will continue to receive much love and spoiling from our family.
I will keep you updated on th Lymes.  I go back on November 6th to the Vet to get his 2nd vaccination and another fecal test to make sure he is tapeworm free.  He will be finishing up his antibiotic for Lyme in about 3 weeks.
Thanks, again.

Update September 2009:

Hi Ginny!
It will be 2 years this coming October since we adopted Midnight, and we cannot imagine our family without him.   He is a wonderful dog and companion.   We just love him so much!
He took his first vacation with us to the Outer Banks last month and was a real trooper with the long ride.   I think he was the only one in the car that did not complain.     He enjoyed sitting on the beach with us and seeing all of his other canine friends.
I am going to attach some current picutres of him for you.
Thanks, again, for entrusting Midnight to our family.
God bless!








Drake was adopted!

Update October 2007:

Ginny,  Just wanted you to know that Tucker a.k.a. Drake is doing fine.  He is a very sweet dog with lots of love.  I just signed us up for obedience class that will start next Sat.  My husband said this dog is a keeper.  Lily is making out fine, I just don't take them outside together so that Tucker wil not knock her over.  I'll keep in touch.    Jean


Jill and Ginny,

Here is an update on Tucker (Drake) and Elle (Zeba).  Elle was a handful when we first got her.  I wasn't sure how she would be with both Tucker and Lilly (our original dog, as she is older) but she has calmed down.  Tucker absolutely loves her as his new playmate.  The addition of both Tucker and Elle has brought our older dog Lilly to life.  So far neither of them really enjoy the pool.  Although we haven't really encouraged them swimming too much.  They both really love their toys and have grown so close that they are very rarely apart.  We took them both to your groundbreaking and we all had a great time.  We love them both so much.  Here are some pictures of Tucker and Elle just loving their new life.  Thank you again for finding us these wonderful dogs.  We will keep in touch! 


Jean and Ed 


Update December 2008:

Hello Ginny and Jill!

It is Tucker's second Christmas with us and we couldn't be happier.  He has filled out nicely.  He seems to be very happy here too.  He gets to sleep on the bed at night and Santa paid him and Elle a visit (although sometimes they didn't deserve to be on the nice list).  He has become even more mellow and laid back since we got Elle.  He just doesn't realize how big he is.  He always has to have his mommy time when things settle down at night.  He is our goofy boy!  I have attached pictures of him in his Christmas scarf waiting for Santa to come!  Thank you again for bringing him into our lives.  We will keep in touch!





Piper was adopted!

Update October 2007:

Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you sooner -- I had to have surgery last week, and that has me moving more slowly through my list of things to do... Good news -- Roxanne pulled through!  The vet and I are still a little baffled -- perhaps the vaccine you gave in August gave her just enough of an antibody level to keep the virus from fully taking hold...  but after two weeks of antibiotics, she managed to avoid more serious respiratory symptoms and encephalitis, and is now as fit as ever...

Roxanne is as clever and good-natured a dog as I've ever known... She gets along famously with Lily... they wrestle and play, and have even been sharing a big roasted beef bone (as soon as one leaves it, the other sneaks it away, but with no growling)...She learned to use the doggie-door immediately (now if she could just teach Lily!), and is learning new "tricks" daily (she knows "sit," "lie down," "come, ""go get it," and is learning "stay" and "drop it" (she steals stray shoes and pencils) -- a click and a treat, and she pretty much gets it...) She loves to retrieve balls and sticks, and tosses/kicks a soccer ball to entertain herself...  but what I enjoy the most is how content she is to lie at my feet as I grade papers or work on the computer...  Bottom line, I think the Beatles got it wrong -- money CAN buy you love -- an adoption fee and a tank of gas, and our hearts are overflowing!

Thank you, Ginny, for being willing to take in these stray dogs, and to help them find families... you've enriched all our lives in the process.

Elizabeth, Mariel and Buddy Andersen

P.S. I've included a few pictures -- the first is our Roxy, healthy again.  The 2nd shows her "under the weather"...  The last shows Roxy with her "big sister" Lily and my kids (Roxanne is with my son, in case you couldn't tell which dog was which!  You can tell we have a thing for shaggy black pups!)



Marley was adopted!


Lucky was adopted!

Update September 2007:

Dear Ginny,
We are really enjoying our new family member, Cedar.  (He was named Lucky
when he was at Paws for Life.)  He is very gentle and loving and our cat is slowly getting used to him being around.  He enjoys the woods and fields and is learning to come  when off the leash but it's tempting to explore!  He is happy indoors as long as he is lying near one of us ( but also patient when we are at work) and he loves to have his soft ears stroked and his belly rubbed.  He was very patient for his first bath and
he is very silky and soft now. Recently there was a thunderstorm and it was all we could do to keep him out of our bed!  Thanks for taking good care of him.  We are enjoying watching his personality and affections

Louise, Lindsay, Malcolm, Forrest





Cassie was adopted!


Dear Ginny,

We needed a companion dog for our 5 year old Pepper who was depressed after our two daughters went off to college.  Cassie (now Sandy) has filled the roll perfectly.  Their relationship is still evolving but they show such affection and playfulness together that I’m sure we have found a perfect “sister” for Pepper.  They chase squirrels together, wrestle, steal each other’s toys and basically wear each other out.  Sandy has quickly learned the household routines and rules.  She especially loves the doggy door to the backyard that allows her to watch for squirrels in air conditioned comfort then bolt out after them.  The two dogs have also become an attraction in the neighborhood with frequent visits from parents and children who invariably ask “the Carters have two dogs, why can’t we have one?”  We get such a kick out of Sandy; she has really brought a spark of excitement to our home.

Thank you!!!

Beth Carter



Cooper was adopted!

Update October 2007:

As you can see Cooper has made himself at home.  We are very happy to have him as part of our family, and he seems to feel the same.  Cooper and our older dog, Spencer, are getting along great. They really compliment each other. Keep up the good work.



Sapper was adopted!




Cecil was adopted!



Foxy was adopted!

Rescued in honor of Jill's 50th birthday!

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Update February 2008:

Both dogs have settled in very nicely.  They are very protective about our property.  They have a great view from our sunroom and like to perch themselves on the couch.  They insist on chasing away the birds, squirrels, and rabbits that come around.  They are very playful with each other and Zelda sure can zip around when she wants to.  Zelda is very spoiled.  I've caught her many times laying on my side of the bed with her head on my pillow.  Zelda also likes to keep Hayley company, but lays under neath her bed.  They both enjoy going for walks and get very excited when we bring out the leashes.  Zelda is extra playful.  She likes to nip at your socks and pants to play with her and if you leave your socks laying around, she will steal them.  Starr likes to lick people and both dogs love to have their tummies rubbed. 





Emma was adopted!


Woody was adopted!



Duchess was adopted!

Update April 2012 (pictures)


Rocky was adopted!



Leia was adopted!



Casey was adopted!



Cinder was adopted!



Lunar and Boogie Woogie were adopted!

Update August 2007:

Hi Ginny,

Attached is a photo of Mildred and the boys. Their names are now Toby (Tobias) and Uri (Uriah). They have settled in nicely and are being royaly spoiled. They follow her around and provide her with great entertainment with their wrestling. They compete for her lap as soon as she sits down and they sleep with her at night - one under each arm. They will have a great life with Mildred and she couldn't be happier!

Thanks again for everything,

Janeal Way
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