Who is Paws for Life, and how are we different?

At Paws for Life, our mission is to rescue loving pet quality dogs from death row at area animal shelters. These dogs are scheduled for euthanasia simply because of lack of space. We provide proper medical care, a loving environment, and whatever time it takes for a dog to find a forever home. We believe that man’s best friend deserves nothing less than our very best.

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Paws for Life was born out of, and is sustained by, a real love for dogs.

The enviable success rate of Paws for Life’s adoptions is due to the intense socialization each dog enjoys before leaving our kennels.

How does a dog react with children or with other dogs? Does it chase cats or cars? Is it high energy, always demanding that a stick or ball be thrown, time after time after time? Or does it prefer a quiet life, and get uncomfortable with too much activity?

Most rescue operations, as wonderful as they are, do not see their dogs in all these situations. A five minute visit between prospective family members and a dog who has been in a wire run for days or weeks is scarcely a comprehensive test for a good match.

At Paws for Life, every dog is brought into a family environment and observed for personality traits. Some dogs are naturally shyer than others. Some are more boisterous. Some will steal food as soon as you turn your back. Some just want a good tummy rub.

Many dogs overcome their shyness, a few may even be taught not to steal, but they are all given as much time and love as they need to get ready for placement in a new home. How much time is enough? Each dog is different, and at Paws for Life, that is OK. Bottom line…our love has no expiration date.

“Come Alive Rescue Dogs”

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