In memory of Rusty.

We adopted our Rusty in 2008. Rusty loved to play and rest in piles of leaves. It was meant for our Rusty to cross over the Rainbow Bridge on a warm and beautiful autumn day, October 10, 2020. Our little boy was sweet and mellow. He never gave kisses so we had to steal them every so often. Rusty did love hugs. He stood on his short, hind legs to reach our knees. We would bend down to give him the hugs he wanted. Rusty lived in the country of 20 acres of surrounding woods; lots of good smells! Rusty had four canine siblings to play with and feline siblings to put up with. One of the dog siblings is a yellow lab named Madison. She truly misses Rusty. The day we welcomed Madison to our home, Rusty was the one who greeted and played with her. One time Rusty found a tiny kitten in the middle of the woods while walking with his daddy (Boyd). Rusty made sure the kitten lived with us. Friends of ours fell in love with Rusty. We miss and love this little boy so much.

Rita and Boyd Freeborough